Sponable House

Old Home Has Roots in Jackson Era
Courier-Standard Enterprise, Aug 11, 1961.

Old and Proud: St. Johnsville natives are undoubtedly familiar with the home of Elmer and Madeline Sponable, as it has been in the family for 151 years. the structure sits majestically on a hill at the corner of Fox and New Turnpike Roads, and was built by Dave Fox and J. Sponable, brother-in-law, in 1830.

"Eighteen-thirty," says the plaque engraving on the front of this old stone house, erected while Andrew Jackson was President of the Untied States.

The stone house, owned by Elmer and Madeline Sponable, is on the corner of Fox Road and New Turnpike Road, St. Johnsville. It is a well-preserved and dignified structure, which sits majestically on a hill at the corner of the two town roads.

The house is framed by several, at least equally aged trees, which give the three story house an added aura that testifies to the years it has witnessed.

Undoubtedly, St. Johnsville natives know it well, for it has stood here some 151 years, since the time the village was a rural community building a way of life on agriculture.

Since the time the first stone was laid, the house's occupants have been communicants of St. Johnsville.

The exterior of the old house has changed little in a century and a half, except for maybe a third chimney which peers over the top of the edifice, making a threesome of the original two.

On one site the thick trumpet vines stubbornly lace the hand laid stones, almost hiding the early work of brother-in-laws David Fox and jinx Sponable.

The house is one of the few, if not the only, stone stone structure in St. Johnsville which is not only still owned and inhabited by the original family, but whose members also erected from the first stone up.

On the once 70 acre farm owned by the two men, a stone quarry was located, giving easy access to material with which to build the house.

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