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Light Up Sin City Party Naked Tiki Bar On The Esplanade At Burning Man 2014 Indiegogo

Salvator Mundi Christ Making A Blessing Gesture And Holding An Orb - Picryl Public -5270

Salvator Mundi Christ Making A Blessing Gesture And Holding An Orb - Picryl Public

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Naked Burnersme Me, Burners And The Man

All she wanted was to feel good. To have her lips kissed and her nipples sucked. To have a trail of kisses lead down her tummy to her pretty bare pussy. To have her legs spread to have her thighs kissed and bit on. To have her body caressed ever so sweetly. To be have him slip his fingers in her sweet wet pussy just to take them and taste her juices. To have him look up at her with those sexy brown eyes and beautiful eyelashes and suddenly his face is buried into her pussy, licking her, tasting her, teasing her. He kissed her clit ever so sweetly, rubbing it with his lips and the tip of his tongue. He fingered her slowly while doing so, feeling how wet she got for him. She slowly grinds against his face, grabbing her breasts and letting soft sweet moans out as he pleased her with his lips.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

He continues to slurp at her pussy , tonguing her. Penetrating her pussy with the tip of his tongue, and she loves it. She tells him daddy , i love how you eat my pussy and he just moans back in pleasure as he continues to please his babygirl shes close to cumming and he makes her sit on his face so he can enjoy her orgasm. She cums, his lips and beard and neck are all soaked with her juices, he looks so sexy.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

She kisses him and then she leads him to the shower. They get in the shower together, she drops to her knees and puts his big thick dick inside of her mouth. She gives him sloppy shower head, her hair is getting soaked by the shower water. He grabs her head and slowly guides it as she continues to suck him. She looks up at him with her big brown eyes and hes so beautiful, the way he looks at her when she pleases him makes her pussy so wet. She touches herself while she gives him the sweetest head. He tells her to come up for kisses, he wraps his arms around her, gripping her big firm ass and gives her the wettest kiss. His tongue was all in her mouth, she sucked on it.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

He continued to kiss her neck, and then made his way to her big beautiful breasts. He sucked on her nipples so sweetly. She loved it when he did that. He grabbed her hands and pressed her against the wall. He started to rub his dick against her ass , he was so hard. He bent her over and teased her pussy from the back with the tip of his dick he played in her wetnessthen he began to stroke her. She gasped as she felt him fill her god he felt so good. He slowly began to stroke her, holding her by the waist leaning in to give her kisses on the back. She starts to throw it back at him a little bit and thats when he really takes control.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

He grips her tight and begins to drill her. He gave her good , long , deep backstrokes.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

She loved it when he gave her backstrokes. Hes moaning as hes stroking her this shit feels so good babygirl shes so wet for him. She can feel him getting ready to cum. He gets so warm inside of her and he tries to slow down so he can tame it. She tells him cum for me baby and then she feels him grab her and hold her so close and he moans so heavily as he cums for her she watches as his cum runs down between her legs and then she turns around and gives him sweet kisses. One time i was giving my boyfriend head right, and he pulls me up and starts making out with me, so i pull back and lean to his ear and seductively whisper so how does your dick taste he gave me a blank stare and pushed my head back down, he wouldnt kiss me for a whole week after thatanonymous saidim a girl and i get reeeally wet every night and i have no idea whyyou know what would make me happy my body pressed up aganist yours. My hands running up and down your naked body. My lips softly kissing your shoulder as i make my way up to your neck and then to your ear where i whisper in your ear, im going to fuck you. I hold your arms down as you feel my cock pressed against you.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

I feel your wetness on my cock. I tease you by rubbing it up and down and just as you moan i slide the tip of my cock inside of you, you nails dig in to my arms. You beg me to put it all the way in. I dont, i continue to tease you, making you wait, making you even wetter. When your not expecting it i put my cock inside of you, your so tight its been so long, you can feel it really rubbing inside of you. I move my hands down to your thighs where i spread your legs further apart.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

You moan as my cock goes deeper inside, its been so longreliving last night, in his bed. The taste of cigarettes on his mouth. His teeth lips digging into your neck shoulders, making you moan, beg, cry.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

The near-silent pleads for more. As he guides your hips, helps you move them back forth. You hold his hands on your hips. Leaning forward, twisting your fingers in his long hair. Biting your lip to keep from screaming. The heavy breathing whispers is all you hear in the silence. - anonymousmive experienced a lot of shit in my life, its fair to say. Last night, i sat with myself and i was thinking about all of the funny, sadistic and awkard shit ive been through with guys over the past few years. As i was thinking about this, i was looking to watchthe crocodile hunter, because i love that show. Upon looking for a certain episode, my mind went into a train of thought that took me to the time this guy locked me up in his apartment for damn near 24 hours.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

Its actually not as bad as it sounds, but trust itdefinitelywasnt all good. So heres the storythis story takes place back in late 2012, i believe sometime in november. I was still working at lucky strike, so i know it was before december. Knowing that i didnt have to work the next day, i convinced a couple of coworkers to come out and have drinks with me in the castro to blow off some steam, because anyone who works in the service industry knows that after youve had a long shift, you need to get the alcohols in you andfast. So, we get to qbar, a favorite watering hole among my group and start drinking among ourselves. This is the same bar that i met the russian at. Back to the storyso my friends and i are out on the patio drinking, smoking and gossiping about things and a guy comes up to me and asks me for a lighter, at the same time acknowledging my friend ken who was sitting with us. Apparently, they know each other, which isnt uncommon when i go out with my friends.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

So ken gives him a light and the guy introduces himself to me as parker. He was wearing a driver cap, a brown blazer and gold-framed glasses with beautiful blue eyes peeking through themi kinda paused for a second before throwing my name back at him.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

Oh, and he had an accent, so i immediately questioned him on where he was from, to which he simply replied perth, assuming i knew where that isand i do. I spared the normal questions that would usually follow, what brought you here, how long have you been here and followed up with oh, cool. So who are you here with tonightoh yeah.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

I was in a mood that night, definitely. I was in a horizontal mood and this guy just might be my second horizontal dance partner for the night. Buti needed to get some intel first on the guy and since he knows ken already in whatever facet, i figured it wouldnt be too hard. So as parker goes inside for another drink, i ask ken to give me a few tea leaves dish, details, etc. He tells me that parker and him weregoing to hook up one night, but he ken had to bail because of a family situation, so it actually never manifested. Ken told me to go for it and see what happens. With that being said, ken went inside to get another drink and to go use the restroom, leaving me on the patio alone. I stayed solo for maybe 30 seconds and parker came back out onto the patio and sat next to me.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

Noticing that i have an almost-empty beer glass in my hand, he asks to get me a beer. I agreed and i walked with him into the bar as he bought us another round. As were getting drinks, ken comes out of the bathroom and signals to me to come over to him. I walk over and gets in my ear the bar is pretty loud at this point asking me if he should fall back and head home fall back iscode for him to go somewhere else while i handle things with this guy.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

Since i was insistent on getting this guy naked tonight, i told ken that i would see him later and id let him know how tonight goes in the morning. Now that all of my distractions are away, i can focus on parker. As the bartender is getting our drinks together, parker places a small notepad on the bar and starts texting someone. Its a pretty nice brown suede notepad that almost matches his jacket. I get curious and asked him about it and he states the he likes to note things and thoughts that happen during his day. He then mentions that he is a lawyer, which is cool. Ive hooked up with a lawyer before. Two sips of my beer later, he asks me if i want to go hang out somewhere else for the nightdid the situation just complete itself without me even trying fuck yeah it did fist bumps myselftrying not to look too excited i replied something along the lines of sure, lets finish these drinks first. Right after that sentence, i got extremely thirsty for some reason.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

I chugged that beer like i was shotgunning to win a free shot at a college frat party. Parker finishes his drink and we hail a cab to get to his place up in the haight. In the cab ride, he spends a good deal of time texting someone while trying to hold a conversation with me. Hes bad at multitasking, fact. We got to his building and he mentioned that he needed to make a call to someone who was meeting him first before we went up to his place.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

I was a little sketched out, but i sat on the stairs and hung out. About ten minutes later, a lamborghini pulls up and parker and the guy exchange some stuff and then the lambo speeds out into the night.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

Parker came up to me and started kissing me and then told me i needed to get some coke. So we get into his building and he notifies me that hes not supposed to have overnight guests, so i have to be extremely quiet. Ive been in this position, so i get itbut being extremely quiet is really fucking hard when i have to walk up hardwood floor stairs in complete darkness.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

I havent met a hardwood floor that hasnt creaked at some point while walking across it and im a pretty slim guy. Also, had i known that he couldnt have overnight guests, i would have offered my place since he didnt have work the next day either. Anyway, im at his place, so oh well.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos

We finally get into his room and lock the door andthe story escalates. Immediately after getting into his room, we get on his bed and start making out and throwing off each others clothes. At this point, we both just have pants on and he offers me a drink. I ask him what he has and he hands me a bottle of jim beam. As im taking bottle shots, he goes up to his nightstand and starts to cut two lines of coke.

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Catharsis On The Mall Photos